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Butler University librarians are “invading” their University’s core curriculum with information literacy integrated on multiple fronts, both at the administrative programmatic level and via a ‘grass-roots,’ one-class-at-a time approach. Butler University upholds an extensive core curriculum required of all of its students consisting of a first-year seminar, a sophomore global historical studies course, and six content areas. Librarians have been engaged with the University’s first year seminar for a number of years and have been looking at how to expand our reach into other areas of the core. While not abandoning an intentional programmatic approach, we are finding a “space invaders” method of attack (from multiple fronts) is helping us make inroads incorporating information literacy into Butler’s core curriculum. We will share both “top down” formal and “bottom-up” one-class-at-a time approaches to building information literacy into a core curriculum. Challenges and successes will be probed, including how to balance scalability and workload for librarians, and how to maintain programmatic vision in a loose confederation of initiatives.


Sally Neal and Amanda Starkel's slides presented at LOEX 2018 in Houston, TX.