Guide to Library and Information Agency Management

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January 2005


Note: Link is to the catalog entry in WorldCat's catalog. Please see your local librarian for assistance in borrowing this item via interlibrary loan. This guide identifies major concerns and involves interested parties in thoughtful consideration and discussion of challenges and opportunities embedded in managerial and administrative practice. By talking about the management of information places and with managers and mangers-to-be, authors Curran and Miller provide a more thorough and realistic outlook on the managerial experience. The authors assert that: · Information agencies of all stripes share a common purpose · The act of deciding is the primary administrative/managerial responsibility · Knowledge Management must replace mere acquisition, storage and dissemination · The budget process is every bit as important as the budget document · Interpersonal issues dominate · Meetings soak up time Tackling many issues that other management books won't touch (e.g. sex in the office place, cliques, emphasis on political behavior, specific mistakes that cripple managers, and managing contradictions and paradoxes), this book is an excellent resource for all administrators.