Lois J. Shipley


Oh, the glory of it all! The sun was a magnificant ball of flame as it descended low in the heavens. Small fluffy clouds of gold floated around the huge flaming ball, but kept their distance as though there was some fear of it. Occasionally, a graceful swallow Hew across, lending his profile to the glory of the heavens, and the cry of night birds as they took to flight gave the woods that necessary note of evening time. As I strolled through the woods, the sticks crackled beneath my feet and one little squirrel in the tree top took aim and fired his walnut at my head, which, in his estimation, made a very superior target. The greenery around me was becoming wet with dew and as I neared the knoll, which was the most beautiful spot in that section of the woods, the sun had almost crept behind the farthest hill.



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