Work Title

My Favorite Spot


Elizabeth Hyatt


About an hour and a half from nowhere in a. western woodland, a tiny cabin nestles among the trees. Nearby, a small brook runs clear and cold, babbling softly over the stones. Flowers flaunt their colors in a gay parade around the cabin.

Inside, the odor of clean, bare pine is strong and refreshing. The furniture is simple and sturdy. Its unpainted finish matches the walls and floor perfectly. In one corner, a double-decked bunk bed stands invitingly. The stone-hewn fireplace at the far side of the one room cabin leads a double life; it warms the occupants and cooks their meals.

In the evening, after the sun has gone down in all its radiant glory, comes my favorite time of day. When I am well toasted on both sides from reading before the open fire, it is wonderful to creep in between sheets whipped sweet and clean by the wind, pull up the warm wooly blanket, and settle down to dream of the pleasant monotony of another day.



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