Work Title

Our Christmas Tree


Lester Hunt


We, like many other families, have our own special customs. We have our holiday customs, our dinner customs, our own way of making beds, and our own brand of humour. There is one holiday custom, however, that I especially treasure because I had a share in its initiation. It is the custom of getting our own Christmas tree.

As I remember this first experience, it took place about a week before Christmas, but we still hadn't found a Christmas tree that we liked. It was then that we "menfolks" decided to get our own tree. I was eight years old at the time and Sarge was ten. As we started out - the three of us for Dad was to chaperon the adventure - it was decided that Sarge, since he was the older, should carry the axe, while I might carry the rusty and almost toothless saw. Dad, of course, would carry nothing - the head of the family shouldn't be so weighted down.



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