Work Title

Frustrated Genius


Arthur Graham


He sits down at the desk, tears a sheet of paper out of a tablet, picks up a pencil, and commences. After commencing for some twenty minutes he decides that he should un-commence long enough to decide upon a subject upon which he can commence, Another twenty minutes pass during which he systemazically breaks the lead of his pencil, sharpens his pencil, turns the radio on, turns the radio off, takes his shoes off, puts his shoes on, musses up his hair, combs his hair, loosens his necktie, takes his necktie off, takes off his glasses, twirls his glasses around his finger, walks across the room and picks up his glasses from the floor, cleans his glasses, puts on his glasses, sneezes, takes out his handkerchief, cleans his glasses again, files his finger nails, doodles away three sheets of paper, and groans. In fact he does everything except ..... decide upon a subject.



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