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Jack DeVine


Mary Anna opened the door and saw her man. Her man was a hobo, looking for a bite to eat and possibly a pie which had been set on some ledge to cool.

Rambling Joe looked at the little girl and in his most polite manner, doffed his hat and said, "Little girl, I wonder if you would ask your ma if she could spare a man a bite to eat."

"My mother isn't here," Mary Anna replied, and puffing up with importance said, "if you will come in; maybe I can find something."

Mary Anna had just come bark from a revival meeting at her church. She had decided that her career was to be a missionary and here was a poor lonesome,

"Sit down here, please, and I'll make you some coffee. Daddy says I make very good coffee and Mother likes it, too. And Tom, he's my brother, says it ain't-" she hastily corrected herself, "isn't much good. But you know boys."

Taking his manners out and dusting them off a bit, Joe said, "I'm sure it will be fine."



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