Work Title

Rubber And The War


Mildred Reimer


We walk on it, ride on it, wear it, and use it in our pastimes. We make use of it for comfort and safety. We see it everywhere. Much of it that is used is hidden from us under silk, cotton, or steel. This popular product can be made to stretch ten times its length or treated so that it will not stretch at all. It can be spun so fine that it resembles a spider's web or made so lasting that it will outwear steel. It can be made to withstand hot or cold temperatures, to absorb water or shed it, to hold up under the pressure of the ocean bottom or of the high altitudes where men fly in planes. A publication issued by the Department of Commerce states that it "is one of the most useful Substances in the world today. Remove it entirely from our lives and civilization will be plunged into another Dark Age; gone would be modern systems of communication and transportation - the whole branches of the arts and sciences would disappear."



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