Work Title

In Fond Remembrance


Arthur Graham


The late Rupert St. James, whose violent, tragic death created. heartfelt repercussions throughout the literary world, was born May 1, 1915. Rupert; although he early showed signs of poetic genius, did not come into his own until after the still unsolved disappearance of his father, himself a versifier of ability, in 1929. Graduating from Harvard in '34, Rupert had already written two volumes of poetry, On scholarship funds he did post-graduate work at Oxford, the University of Paris, and the University of Prague, all the while producing in an ever increasing flow the verse that was to characterize him as not only the most talented, but the most prolific poet of the' past decade. This fantasy, found in the St. James mansion in Lockbury shortly after the suicide, has been the source of much speculation in higher medical circles.-THE EDITOR.



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