Work Title

Team Fights Team


Robert L. Zinkan


On a cool brisk Saturday afternoon in the late fall of the year, thousands sit watching two teams warming up to engage in a fierce battle scheduled to be raged long before by the coaches of the opposing teams. They have been practicing, putting themselves into condition for months, maybe years, in order to be prepared to defeat any team which they come up against. Later in the dressing room the coaches try to rouse their tempers by speaking strongly against their opponents. After making their blood boil with hate, he reminds them not to lose their heads because strategy, not temper alone, will win the game for them. The boys come running out upon the field on which they will fight, lining up in front of the goal they are to defend for their Alma Mater. The student body sings victory songs and cheers the boys on in order to raise their morale, their spirit, and their confidence toward defeating the enemy who would have the greatest pleasure' in crossing their goal, putting the game into their own advantage.



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