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N. Umbenhower


Mrs. Brooks flipped the pages of her cook book back and forth. The lemon pie would be easier; but it wouldn't take much longer to make the spice cake that Martin liked. Yes, it would be the cake, she decided, because that was Martin's favorite dessert. She was a little tired of it; but, as long as Martin insisted that each cake was better than the last and that nothing else compared with it, he should have spice cake, all he wanted of it, every week, all summer too. September would come soon enough when he would have to go back north to that little college close to the Canadian border. Teaching physics year after year there where the snow covered the ground most of the winter could, she suspected, become monotonous, for each spring in June when Martin arrived at his sister's farm home he would dash upstairs two steps at a time to change suit and dignity for overalls and a happy grin. Fun loving Martin! He was not only her favorite brother, but her son's favorite uncle too. Bill was probably out with Martin now. She would have to see that he came back in time to take his music lesson. After the cake was in the oven, she would go find them.



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