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Marie Hammontree


The liveliest and youngest of the world's volcanoes, Paricutin is now a mecca for visitors from every continent. For years the farm of Dionisio Pulido, two miles outside of the village of Paricutin, had been a favorite picnic spot for neighboring Mexicans because the ground was so warm and dry and hospitable. On February 20, 1943, while plowing in his cornfield, Senor Pulido heard a noise from under the soil. Louder it came and then with an earth shaking roar began pouring rocks and cinders. into the air. The next day there was a cone-shaped pile twenty-five feet high. Within a week it was five hundred feet and in ten weeks over one thousand. Soon the little town of Paricutin was smothered beneath the encroaching lava, and scientists from everywhere converged on Mexico to watch developments.



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