THE WORD INTEGRITY had no definite meaning to me until I read the essay, "The Luxury of Integrity," by Stuart Chase. Moral soundness, honesty, and uprightness were given as definitions in the dictionary. Only through my experiences can I appreciate these meanings. I was reared in a happy home even though it was not blessed with great material wealth. From the first days I can remember, truthfulness and honesty were bywords in my home. The rural area in which I lived provided a never-ending list of chores. T was taught how to do the work required, and, from that time on, my responsibility was to do the work to the best of my ability. Lessons in Bible school taught me to be honest, to be truthful, and to do my best; and the public school teachers taught the same principles, often with the aid of the legendary "hickory stick." Although I had no knowledge of the word integrity, these teachings were instilling integrity in me...



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