Work Title

Oh My Darling


William Griffith


THE HUGE BLACK cigar smelled horrible. The fat man who was smoking it, however,. seemed to enjoy it a great deal. . He chewed on it, putting it first in one corner of his mouth, then in the other. Clem watched him out of the corner of her eye. She was fascinated and disgusted by his appearance. His face was round and red. From it stuck a huge bulbous nose with tiny purple veins and red welts. The eyes were mere moist slits with a thin line of eyebrow above. The lips were large and purple. Once he smiled at her, and she saw the brown stubs of broken teeth. Sweat poured from his face and dropped onto his untidy brown suit. Clem could smell him and could feel him against her. Although she sat as close to the window as was possible, she could not get far enough away from him on the narrow seat. She was, therefore, uncomfortable. She pressed her forehead against the window and watched the trees and telephone poles flash by in neat rows.



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