Work Title

Days' Ends


Rachel Whelan


With shadow fingers of yellow and rose, Dusk slowly touches the marshland changing mucky water to molten gold, and dull green reeds to crimson spears. The golden wavelets dance and whisper to each other while the reeds bend and sway to overhear their secrets. Dusk holds her breath. Upon the mirror surface poises a dragonfly with silken wings motionless, an elfin airliner. With a final flap of wings the march bird glides to her well-concealed nest. A green striped snake slips silently and ominously through sand and seaweed disappearing into the silent ripples. Finally all is still as a moment of fading light, a color dissolving here in shadows and bursting again in glory, changes the world. Dusk nods farewell, shedding her wistful glance of twilight on all, and leaving a lone jewel on the horizon, a wish......



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