Work Title

Night Life


James Hawekotte


In innumerable industries there is a night shift. A group of men whose day is the night; who live for weeks at a time and never see the sun. In a way this is a fascinating existance. I know, for I lived it all through the past summer.

Some people are shocked at the idea of sleeping through the day and then arising as everyone else goes to bed. I enjoyed starting to work at eleven o'clock. I had the streets to myself. There was no hurrying crowd, noisy traffic; Indianapolis was all mine; mine and a few others that lived as I did. To me the night was calm, soft and mysterious. The downtown streets were strangely quiet, lighted boulevards. Gradually the night grew more attractive to me than the day. I could feel like a king surveying his kingdom; rather than merely a part of a hurrying metropolis.



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