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Ardath Weigler


I Ivy and jew growing in pink and blue
Mugs meant for small children
Mugs settled primly on lace doilies
Atop a spinster desk ....

II He was standing there under the neon
sign-tall, hair rough in the wind-
broken outline of glasses and upturn-
ed collar ....
Dull tap of narrow black heels on
the asphalt.
He turned as they walked toward
him, to him, past him.
Her heart did a flat-footed ballet
as she thought, "This is the end, fool."
-tugging, choking, adolescent heav-
iness crushing her breath with its
He thought, "She's putting on a
little weight," and lighted a cigarette.

III Experience
Is like a candle . . .
Burning path traced
In beauty or dormant pain
For the moment
And then is gone
Behind it-a smoked and streaked stain ...

IV Gray
Thin-splintered and stifling
With iron etching of trees and stone
In bitter relief against the vague
Blankness of a fiat day-
Lop-sided spiral of factory smoke
Slowly unwinds itself
From soot-crusted chimney-
Gray arcs of steel colored starlings
Wheeling with scissor-like precision
Toward a gray future.
Inside, dry warmth of the silver-pale
Brings forth odor of old wine
From empty bottles on the dirty
Window sill .....



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