Work Title

Sun on the Steeple


Richard Moores


The man rolled over in bed and woke up. He opened his eyes slowly and carefully and immediately closed them. Bright yellow sunlight came through the second story window and struck the bright yellow ugliness of the wall paper. The man put his hand in front of his eyes and blinked a few times, then he took his hand away and looked at the clock on the table beside the bed. It was 10:15 and the post man always came by at 9. The man decided to take it easy. He shook the last cigarette out of the pack on the table and lit it slowly. He inhaled deeply and his head and stomach felt like hell. The man smoked the cigarette about half way down and put it out in the ashtray on the table. Then he saw the whiskey bottle on the table with about two inches left in it. He leaned on his right elbow and slammed the bottle against the wall with his left hand. The yellow wall paper turned a kind of muddy brown. He sat looking at the wall for about five minutes and then he got out of bed.



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