Joseph Trent


Eating is necessary, and in most cases, pleasurable. If one derives pleasures from eating, one has reasons for doing so. These pleasures, the foods that make eating pleasurable, and the people who eat such foods will be discussed in this paper. The pleasures of eating is an interesting topic and should provide you with some interesting and amusing thoughts.

I have heard of people who love certain foods because of their dainty and beautiful appearance. And then, too, I have heard of people who have favorite foods because they have such a pleasurable feeling after having partaken of these foods. Frankly, I think that such people derive no pleasure at all from eating. I eat my favorite foods because I like them, and not because they look pretty. When I eat them, I eat too much, and to hell with the after effects. I may not live so long for eating in such a manner, but I really enjoy it while I do live!



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