Work Title

Struggles in Slang


"Slang!! Our children do not use
slang," emphatically pronounced the Head
English Mistress in the G. S. C. School for
Girls, somewhere in England. Now, in
spite of an extremely exaggerated Oxford
accent which usually practically defied the
American Exchange Teacher's powers of
translation, the meaning of this statement
was crystal clear and raised a healthy
resentment in the American's heart. Had
not the A. E. T. heard much slang at the
"digs" among the "diggers" who were well
educated, teachers and bank "clarks?"
When the A. E. T. suggested this to the
H. E. M., she was informed that although
British children may have their speech
peculiarities, those are merely colloquialisms
and not slang. When this argument
was attacked, the H. E. M. insisted that if
the British children did use any slang, it
was that slang which had been acquired
from those poisonous American films.



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