Jack DeVine


Pretty Joe Rainbow was not as pretty as his name implied. He had yellow teeth which were always visible because they lay over his lower lip. Whenever he opened his mouth to smile, which was often, one could see that the teeth were more like dog teeth than those of a man. They were pointed and spaced apart. On the tip of his tongue was a wart, and Pretty Joe liked to try to fit the wart in the spaces between his teeth. The left side of his face was swollen to about twice the size of a man's fist; he could not see from his left eye because it was swollen nearly shut. His left ear was as large as two ears and bobbled whenever he shook his head. His hair was so long it fell to his shoulders. His right eye protruded slightly and was quite crooked. This caused him to incline his head at an angle in order to discern any object. His beard, which grew only on the right side of his face, was stained with tobacco juice. His eyebrows grew straight out. Pretty Joe Rainbow was definitely not pretty.



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