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Brian Weidner

Second Advisor

Penny Dimmick

Third Advisor

Becky Marsh


The Study & Sing curriculum is designed (1) to provide homeschooling high school students with a music resource that is easy to access and incorporate within their homeschool environment; (2) to facilitate meaningful and effective music instruction by designing a music class for a qualified music teacher to use within cooperative homeschool groups; (3) to offer homeschooling families a comprehensive music class that closely follows the National Core Arts Standards for music education; and (4) to provide a music class for homeschool co-op students that offers a comprehensive design and fosters collaborative music experiences by integrating a performance component that corresponds with the academic music material. This curriculum is an eight-week unit study that explores Early-to-Mid American Music ranging from the 17th century to the early-20th century. The course will be offered synchronously in person within a homeschool cooperative setting and aligns with national music standards by offering a comprehensive approach that incorporates academic music components (Study) with corresponding music performance elements (Sing). Class materials with be easily accessible, enabling students to download the course materials including listening examples, weekly presentations, and links for sheet music, and music teachers will be able to access and download weekly lesson plans with guided instruction and slide presentations. Student comprehension of the unit study material will be assessed through integrated activities and corresponding quizzes during weeks 2-7 and individual prepared presentations in week 7. In the final week of the class, students will sing together in a multi-part choral ensemble and will perform music arrangements adapted from original melodies that they learned and practiced together during the unit study.