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Attention is the very essence of prayer. I am the bread of only my life. I look at prayers on the page. I read them and I lay my voice on top of the prayers. I drape them with my voice and make them mine. I put on my jacket and go out into the night to meet other prayers. I was nine when the Lord wasn’t watching over my family as I had prayed he would for all of those nights. The fuck, he smashed my brother’s car into a utility pole on a south Florida interstate, killing him and two other nineteen year-old boys. It was a shit place to die, Florida, and a shit way to die, nineteen and crushed with his friends. My parents grieved and my sisters grieved and we all fell apart as everything seemed to be ending.

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"How to Become a Prayer" was originally published at On Earth As It Is.

Image by Matthew Simmons.

How to Become a Prayer