Here you will find scholarly and other professional works of Dr. Kathryn Morris.


Documents from 2012

Gender Differences in Communication:Implications for Salespeople, Daniel McQuiston and Kathryn Morris

Documents from 2010


The Implicit Association Test as a Class Assignment: Student Affective and Attitudinal Reactions, Kathryn Morris and Leslie Ashburn-Nardo

Documents from 2008


The Confronting Prejudiced Responses (CPR) Model: "CPR" for Hispanic Professionals, Leslie Ashburn-Nardo, Kathryn Morris, and Stephanie Goowin

Documents from 2007


HOMER as an Acronym for the Scientific Method, Jessica Lakin, R. Geisler, Kathryn Morris, and Jordan Vosmik

Documents from 1997


Attachment styles, self-esteem, and patterns of feedback seeking from romantic partners, Kely A. Brennan and Kathryn A. Morris

Documents from 1995


When comparisons arise, Daniel Gilbert, R. Geisler, and Kathryn Morris