Welfare and Homelessness in Indianapolis: Populations at Risk and Barriers to Self-Sufficiency, Indianapolis

Leslie Lenkowski, Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis
David A. Reingold, Indiana University - Bloomington
Katherine B. Novak, Butler University
Wendy Chun-Hoon
Charles Guthrie, University of Indianapolis
Kenneth D. Colburn, Butler University

Report published by the Center for Urban Policy and the Environment, August, 2001. Redistributed with permission from the Indiana University Public Policy Institute, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. Report also available at: https://archives.iupui.edu/handle/2450/551


Who are the homeless in Indianapolis? How has welfare reform affected Indianapolis families who rely on public support? What barriers are preventing these populations from becoming self-sufficient?

Two recent studies help answer these questions for policymakers and service providers. This issue brief summarizes the studies’ demographic findings, and the problems that erect barriers to self-sufficiency among the poor in Indianapolis.