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Honors Thesis



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Neil Bohannon III

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Tara Lineweaver


151 participants gave free recall and probed response memories for best kisses and The Lion King. Blood-glucose levels were manipulated at retrieval with glucose (50g) or saccharin (35mg) in the form of a lemonade drink. Memories for best kisses were more elaborate than memories for The Lion King. This may be due to the fact that best kiss memories were rated as more arousing than film memories. Regardless, high blood-glucose levels as a result of glucose consumption significantly impaired autobiographical kiss memory, yet enhanced semantic memory for The Lion King in the free recall section. The effect of glucose was found for either memory type in the probed response section. Furthermore, when arousal was covaried, the effects of glucose on free recall memory disappeared. In summary, glucose administration at retrieval had differential effects on memory depending upon memory type.