Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Honors Thesis


Middle/Secondary Education (5-12)

First Advisor

Shelly Furuness


This paper explains a research project conducted exploring the effectiveness of using the novel, The Number Devil, to teach math concepts. The effectiveness was measured by if students met the standards, if students understood the concepts, and if students enjoyed the method of instruction. The reason for conducting this research was to look at new ways of teaching mathematics due to the thought that many students dislike and do not understand math. Using novels could prove to be an effective way to vary the instruction and teach difficult concepts. To complete this research, I taught a class the math concepts explored within the novel The Number Devil. Using the data gathered, I found that engagement leads to understanding, using context or relevancy are important to learning, fragmented learning fails, and no single method of instruction works for every student. Future research of this topic could be conducted in looking at The Number Devil in parts separated by math concept or in using a different book or novel in a math class to more effectively teach the concepts.