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Honors Thesis



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Carriann Richey-Smith


Objective: To evaluate the perceptions of the community pharmacist with respect to prescription fraud and pharmacy robbery as well as their preparedness to handle such situations, with the intent to assess the need for a continuing education program on this topic. Methods: A survey was sent to licensed Indiana pharmacists using a listserv provided by Butler University. Only data from pharmacists currently practicing in the community (retail) setting was accepted and analyzed. The survey includes questions regarding prescription fraud, pharmacy robbery, security measures and demographics. Results: Of 1000 surveys sent, 80 surveys were returned, 47 met selection criteria, and 43 completed (he study. Of those who responded, 58% perceive fraud as a major problem in their area, whereas 18.6% perceive robbery a major problem. 25.6% rated their own preparedness for handling fraud as excellent or very good. 20.9% felt that their preparation was excellent or very good for robbery. The majority of respondents (88.3%) agreed that a continuing education course on the topic of security would be helpful. Conclusions: Results of the study indicate that pharmacists are concemed about security in the community pharmacy regardless of gender or work experience. Although most of those surveyed do not perceive robbery to be a major problem in their area, they are interested in further education on the topic of security.