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Objectives. To ascertain the current curriculum exposure, knowledge, and interest in medically underserved populations of 3rd and 4th year professional pharmacy students enrolled at Butler University. Methods. An eleven item survey was designed, involving multiple choice, Likert scale, and open response questions. The survey was administered through the web-based survey software company, Survey Monkey, utilizing the Butler College of Pharmacy and health Sciences email listserv to all P3 and p4 students. Results. P3 and P4 students showed a high degree of interest in taking a professional elective focusing on medically underserved populations. Many of these students also felt the current information presented in the curriculum on these populations was not adequate. Conclusions. Current interest in a professional pharmacy elective focusing on medically underserved populations is present, but further training is needed to prepare students for employment within these settings. The data collected during this study collected through surveys, reinforces the importance of focusing on the needs of medically underserved populations from the P1 through P4 year of pharmacy education.