Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Honors Thesis



First Advisor

James R. Lindholm

Second Advisor

Jack L. Eaton


The Problem

To determine what factors are necessary for the choral director to achieve a successful and musical performance of Six Chansons.

Source of Data

The data used as a basis for this study has been obtained chiefly from texts, contact with successful choral directors, and personal experiences.

Method and Objectives

An analytical study of the composer's life and works will be made. A textual analysis of each of the songs will be presented along with a detailed musical analysis. The purpose of this study is as follows:

  1. To show the necessity for an analytical study in achieving a musical performance.
  2. To offer a contribution which will serve as a practical guide to choral directors in preparing pieces for performance.
  3. To expand the writer's knowledge of Six Chansons in relation to performance.


The limitations in this study have been imposed by the restricted choice of the subject matter.