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Honors Thesis



First Advisor

Laura Ruekert

Second Advisor

Kelly Banker



To identify opportunities where pharmacists could intervene and justify the benefits of outpatient clinical pharmacy services through a CDTM protocol within Gallahue Mental Health Center by assessing current antipsychotic monitoring


A retrospective chart review was performed of patients visiting an outpatient psychiatric clinic over 14 months. A review was also completed of patients followed at two primary care clinics within Community Health Network. Patients were at least 18 years old and had at least one active antipsychotic prescription. A standardized data collection sheet was used to document monitoring frequency and appropriateness as recommended by the 2004 American Diabetes Association consensus statement. Demographic information was also collected.


Of those primarily followed in Gallahue, only 1% had any documented fasting blood glucose or lipid panel, 23% had any documented blood pressure, and 53% had any documented weight. This differed greatly from the primary care clinics' results of 63%, 100%, and 92%, respectively. The majority of providers did not adequately document reasons for not performing recommended monitoring.


Substantial discrepancies exist between current and guideline-recommended monitoring practices of patients on antipsychotics, thereby supporting CDTM between clinical pharmacy specialists and providers as a possible solution to improve evidence-based patient care.