Date of Award


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Honors Thesis


Communication Sciences & Disorders

First Advisor

Suzanne Reading


The purpose of this study is to examine teacher perceptions of elementary students who have an articulation disorder. An electronic survey was given to teachers in two elementary schools within Indianapolis, and specifically, Pike Township. The teachers rated six hypothetical student profiles on competence, intelligence, and various behaviors. Utilizing a standard Likert scale, the different hypothetical student profiles yielded scores that showed how positively the teachers viewed the hypothetical students. To ensure validity, there were control student profiles with no label or other, non-speech related disorders. It was hypothesized that the profiles for typically developing students would be given the highest scores. The hypothetical student profiles with behavioral challenge and learning disability were predicted to have the lowest ratings. It was also hypothesized that the two student profiles with varying severity of an articulation disorder would be rated somewhere in the middle and rated lower than typically developing students. Unexpectedly, the majority of results showed that teachers do not have negative views of a hypothetical student with an articulation disorder.