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Honors Thesis


Recording Industry Studies

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Cutler Armstrong


There is a problem with education in the United States. Students coast through school focused on grades, and leave school prepared for homework and controlled situations; they are not ready for the rigor and unpredictability of every day life in the real world. Studies on experiential learning show that the best way to gain professional skills and understanding is not necessarily in the classroom with a teacher, but outside the classroom with peers. Butler University's Music Industry Association (BMIA), provides such an opportunity. Producing the annual BMIA Sampler album increases students' understanding of concepts learned in the classroom and encourages learning from one's peers. Other universities use this method to their advantage as well. Examples include Indiana University's record label, IU Music, and university-sponsored CD projects, and the State University of New York at Fredonia's student group that operates live sound for various events around the city.