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Honors Thesis



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Chris Wilson

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William Johnston


Let F be the field of fractions of R, a ring of power series with coefficients in some field. Let K/F be a finite Galois extension, and assume the integral closure S of R in K is also a power series ring.

In this paper, we consider a construction from ring theory called a crossed product algebra and an associated function f: G × G →K called a cocycle that is used to define a multiplication operation for the crossed product algebra. Consider a crossed product algebra whose cocycle f takes values in S. We give a proof concerning which of f’s values must be invertible in S when G is dihedral. We apply the results of this proof to create an algorithm, which computes the values in the cocycle table. We consider the question of which values the cocycle f can take and thus learn about the possible multiplicative structures for crossed product algebras arising from dihedral field extensions.

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Algebra Commons