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Honors Thesis



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Raymond Giesler


Prior work has shown that positive affect is related to and can foster physical health. Recently, a subtype of positive affect has been identified, known as episodic salutary experiences (ESE). These experiences seem to be a type of positive affect or, alternatively, may produce a type of affective state that has not previously been studied. ESE is defined as spontaneous episodes of inner peace and lack of conflict that are noticeably different from one’s normal state. A cross-sectional study was undertaken to determine if ESE is associated with physical health, and if so, which aspects of ESE are most close related to physical health. Measures of ESE, physical health, and potential correlates of the two primary variables were administered to a sample of participants recruited through online procedures. The results partially supported the ESE-health association and indicated that the experience of serenity during ESE probably contributes to the association in a central way.

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Psychology Commons