Date of Award

Spring 4-24-2009

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Honors Thesis




Ceratodon has not been documented in scientific literature as thoroughly as other species of moss such as Funaria or Tortula. Commonly known as fire moss or purple horned moss, Ceratodon is often reddish or yellow-brown and the spore capsules are usually purple (Crum, 1983). A picture of the species growing in its natural habitat is shown in Figure 4. Ceratodon often grows in tufts and is considered a weed, often thriving in polluted or disturbed areas and frequently invading after a fire (Crum 1983). Ceratodon belongs to the class Bryopsida, which also contains the previously mentioned Funaria and Tortula species. Since hormones and environmental factors both signal changes in moss, this study began with the goal of comparing the responses seen in the presence of each of these individually. This study planned to compare the results of experiments consisting of environmental changes with no external application of ABA to the results of an experiment with the application of ABA but no environmental change. Limited research has been conducted on hormones such as ABA and their effects on different