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Honors Thesis



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Derek Reid


Among the significant political debates of our time is how to dedicate resources to different programs, and what types of ideas will be funded and subsidized by the government. Unfortunately, even the United States is not a nation of unlimited resources. In general, arts programs are one of the first to be cut from schools, as they are not seen to be equal to math, reading, or even sports. However, arts programs could be an integral part of the successes of the elementary, middle, and high school student. In my thesis, I will explore the differences between students who have access to government-funded school art programs and students who do not have access to programs like these. Specifically, I will present evidence that supports the argument that K-12 schools should have arts programs, and that those programs should be funded by the state or national government. Research data will include measurable milestones, such as grade point average, college placement, and test scores. The research may also explore behavioral patterns, if I can find a measurable discrepancy, such as disciplinary patterns in students who participate in arts programs compared to students who do not or cannot.

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