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Honors Thesis



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Natalie Carter


"The year 2018 witnessed the evolution of the #MeToo movement, which spurred more women to run for U.S. political office than ever before and women to ascend to the position of CEO in male-dominated fields. The representation of female voices has grown with the times, but there is one institution that continues to silence women: the American Academy of Higher Education. The world of academia remains a male-dominated field which marginalizes women and people of color, and thus leaves little to no room for women of color. Unfortunately, the problem is deep-seated within the academy, and is continuously perpetuated by racist, classist, and sexist societal ideologies. For women of color working in academia, the use of narrativization to vocalize these issues is a critical tool in forming a community with other women who endure similar hardships and for their own self-healing. Through the utilization of the text Unlikely Allies in the Academy: Women of Color and White Women in Conversation, I prove the necessity of narrativization in order to elicit change – structurally and psychologically – through its beneficial effects of scriptotherapy and subsequent generated dialogue."--provied by author.