Date of Award

Spring 5-10-2008

Degree Type


Degree Name

Honors Thesis




Life for all organisms involves carefully managing a limited amount of resources. In many cases these resources affect how organisms Jive on a daily basis. In addition to competition from other species, organisms face competition within their own species, populations, and niches. Those individuals that manage their resources effectively will increase their chances of survival, reproduction, and the continuation of their genes in the gene pool. Studies that focus on life history characteristics of organisms aim to understand the mechanisms used by organisms to increase the chances that their genes will remain in thegenepoolpasttheirown Iifetime.Thegoal ofthesemechanisms istoensuresurvival and maximize reproduction. The techniques used for survival are often unique for a given species or population, and studying these techniques along with their associated life history characteristics provides scientists basic infonnation about how an organism interacts with its surrounding community. This infonnation can then be used to understand the consequences associated with modifications (whether natural or anthropogenic) to the organism's environment, and ultimately be used to help conserve and protect organisms.