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Honors Thesis


Arts Administration

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Brenda Johnston


According to Do317, one of Indianapolis’ premier media companies which promotes live events and entertainment, “The Indy live music and concert scene is growing thanks to wide range of amazing Indianapolis live music and concert venues” (Do317, n.d.). However, the Indianapolis community is hindered by outdated liquor laws that affect the music entertainment industry from thriving. The purpose of this study is to explore the partiality based in old fashioned laws occurring in Indianapolis that affect the revenue potential in the live music and entertainment industry. This study examined liquor license laws in an historical context and a how they affect music venues in Indianapolis, Indiana, Columbus, Ohio, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It also investigated young adult demand for live music entertainment and how this potential revenue could affect Indianapolis’ prosperity. The importance of investing in both young adults and the music industry was discovered. Overall, it was found that in order to succeed in creating a thriving music industry for Indianapolis, it is necessary for liquor laws to be changed and young adults to be targeted as audience members.