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Honors Thesis



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Paul Valliere


The following pages include a combination of scholarly research and fieldwork pertaining to the Africanization of Christianity, specifically the relationship between Christianity and culture in the Ghanaian village of Krobo-Odumase. Chapter One outlines a brief history of Christianity in Africa, followed by Chapters Two and Three which contain more detailed histories of the Roman Catholic and Presbyterian Churches in Ghana. Special attention is given to Zimmermann Presbyterian Church and Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church in Krobo-Odurnase, where most ofthe study's fieldwork was conducted. Chapters Four -Eight examine five critical issues facing churches in Krobo-Odumase and throughout the African continent as they experience the Africanization of Christianity. Finally, the Conclusion analyzes fieldwork findings in light of past scholars' research and personal experiences, recognizing dialogue as the key for Christians worldwide to understand and benefit from the Africanization of Christianity in Krobo-Odurnase, Ghana.