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Honors Thesis



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Catherine Pangan


This study examined the variety of perspectives of having a Faculty in Residence (FIR) program on campus. The research questions framing the study were as follows: (1) What effects does the FIR program have on faculty and their families? (2) How does having a FIR program on campus affect the dynamic of residence life? (3) In what ways does having a FIR program impact student experience? The study involved interviews with a variety of on-campus personnel including the Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Frank Ross III, University President James Danko, three resident assistants, and one FIR family. Additionally, this study features survey responses from 170 students over the span of four years regarding their interactions with their FIR, Dr. Catherine Pangan. Results overall were similar to previous research using surveys, indicating an overall positive student experience as result of the FIR program. Descriptive results regarding interviews indicated the positive effect that this program has on faculty member professional development and family dynamic and development. Looking at both of these pieces of data, it is clear that the FIR program has positively affected all parties involved.

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