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Honors Thesis


Middle/Secondary Education (5-12)

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Shelly Furuness


This research is grounded in the phenomenon of teacher socialization: through both a personal and more general lens, this research examines how pre-service teachers view themselves, the role of the media in forming these narratives pre-service teachers tell about the profession, and how these narratives influenced (and will continue to influence) our lives as teachers. Four specific archetypes of teachers portrayed in the media were constructed (Teacher as Saint, Artist, Drone, and Villain). This research studies the lived, shared experiences of pre-service teachers through a qualitative methodology called phenomenology. The process of interpreting the words and experiences of participants also qualifies this research as hermeneutic. These archetypes were used as the tool for interpretation (heuristic) of the narratives which interview participants shared about their lives. Through interviews, surveys, and personal reflection, this research concludes that teachers’ identities are greatly influenced by the media, and that it is the process of teacher socialization in pre-service education that unravels the preconceived notions of teaching, even if pre-service educators do not recognize this process as it occurs.

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