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Honors Thesis



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Dr. Lawrence Lad


Business schools in the United States are continuously working to provide students with real-world experiences which will help them discern, and prepare for, their future careers. As globalization continues to increase the interconnectedness of the world, and of the companies within it, it is increasingly important that business students are globally aware and culturally competent. The aim of this study is to demonstrate that studying abroad enables business students to discern and prepare for their future careers. To demonstrate this, students and graduates of Butler University’s Lacy School of Business, with graduation years between 2012 and 2022, were surveyed. Those who previously studied abroad were part of the experimental group, and those who did not study abroad were part of the control group. It was found that business students who studied abroad are more likely to work internationally, more prepared for the workforce and more confident in their ability to obtain jobs, and more comfortable networking with colleagues in the business world than business students who did not study abroad. These findings emphasize the importance that business schools should be placing on their students’ study abroad experiences.