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Honors Thesis



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Dr. Philip Villani


The focus of my research will be largely focused on the water quality of the White River throughout Indianapolis. I will be testing water samples from five different points along the White River to analyze three of its contents, assessing the differing levels of pollution along different points progressing down the river and through the city. The locations I have chosen to test coincide with water gauge sites along the White River and are as follows: Logan Street in Noblesville, 82nd Street, Broad Ripple Dam, Michigan Road and Raymond Street. The surface water at these five locations will be tested every two weeks during the fall and winter to control for season change and analyze quality differences between seasons. Nitrogen and Phosphorus contents will be measured and compared to national quality standards for evidence of eutrophication induced by human disruption. Evidence of Escherichia coli through total and fecal coliform testing will also be measured and compared to national quality standards in determining the severity of sewage backup in the White River. Nitrogen and Orthophosphate concentrations did not vary significantly. Total and Fecal coliform concentrations were significantly higher at the Logan St location in Noblesville. This could be explained by the effects of agricultural runoff from nearby farms, larger amounts of CSO in this area or a combination of both.