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Honors Thesis



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Rusty Jones

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Lova Randrianasolo


The implications of the COVID-19 pandemic have led to a profound shift in various industries around the world, the non-profit industry being one of them. In this research the author virtually interviewed four participants with experience in marketing from three non-profit organizations to determine what strategic components of Instagram marketing worked best to influence donations during the COVID-19 pandemic. The changed marketing strategies in the nonprofit industry are the result of changed donor behavior. The results from the interview findings reveal two Instagram marketing strategies were successfully adapted to influence donations during the pandemic: focusing on authentic media to increase user connection, and implementing video content and increased innovation. Data analysis of interview responses reveal COVID-19 had a direct impact on donor behavior and increased their use of social media. In conclusion, after reviewing the results, the author created two strategies that NPO marketers can implement into their Instagram marketing to influence donations: increasing their use of multimedia advertising on the Instagram platform, and prioritizing having sponsored posts. These implications can be used by NPOs to reach donors even after the pandemic is over.

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