Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Honors Thesis



First Advisor

Megan Grady

Second Advisor

Shelly Furuness


The aim of this paper was to determine through prior research what the state of Indiana schools were pre-pandemic regarding technology use, distribution, and training. Furthermore, it utilized both research and data collection to understand the relationships between pandemic-induced technological change, the preparedness of Indiana schools to meet this change, and what the aftereffects were on educational systems in the state. There was also an analysis on what trends were more effective than others and which trends best benefited students pre, during, and post-pandemic. Bountiful research on this subject and data that analyzed trends in Hoosier households already existed. Unfortunately, the data collection for this specific project was not as robust as it could have been. Therefore, the already published data serves as a backbone for supporting certain trends and conclusions, while the survey data gives an indication of specific issues facing a few Indiana schools, as well as potential areas of inquiry for further research.