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Honors Thesis


Science, Technology and Society

First Advisor

Dr. Carol Reeves

Second Advisor

Marjorie Hennessy


In the past ten years, the state of Indiana has been recognized as having a poor environmental record, with an increasing carbon footprint, poor air and water quality, ineffective hazardous waste management, and few policy initiatives to correct the problems. Because most the environmental issues are "creeping" environmental problems (Moser and Dilling 42), citizens too easily dismiss them when other, more pressing issues, like job loss and high taxes become apparent. Ironically, Indiana is a state with a numerous active environmental groups, some with long histories in the state. While Indiana attracts criticism for its poor environmental record, many citizens join activists groups that are trying to shift policy toward conservation and sustainability. Eleven environmental activist organizations, one beginning as early as 1938, stand out amongst the rest with a strong focus on conservation and sustainability efforts.