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Honors Thesis


International Studies


As study abroad programs become increasingly popular among U.S. colleges and universities, a study of Butler University students who had studied abroad between Spring 2007 and Fall 2009 was conducted to examine the impacts of study abroad experiences. The study used an online survey to measure areas of world awareness, host country bond, personal growth, future plans, American pride, and acceptance ofothers. Using OLS analyses, the results showed that a first study abroad experience prior to the individual's second study abroad experience heightened their level of world awareness. The study also showed that as students had more cultural contact in their housing situations abroad, their level of American pride was lower. Finally, the study showed that the majority of students experienced a large change regarding their appreciation of other cultures, appreciation of other international students, and their confidence in making friends with people from other countries. The findings have implications on the positive effects of study abroad programs, and suggestions for further research were included.