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Honors Thesis



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Ashley Hutson

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Stephen Barnard


Sexual assault and misconduct on college campuses is a pervasive and long-standing problem. As such, students’ views of campus climate, safety, and their universities’ response and prevention policies and practices remain paramount. Using an anonymous survey, the current research examines how undergraduate students at Butler University perceive the campus climate regarding sexual assault and misconduct and how they interpret and assess the university’s response. The questionnaire posed a series of questions concerning students’ knowledge and access to resources, general feelings of safety, and interpretation of university responses. Findings suggest that most respondents believe their university handles sexual assault and misconduct moderately well, but most respondents do not feel comfortable navigating campus resources. Qualitative findings reveal an underlying belief that survivors are not always adequately supported at the university and that students do not trust university resources to meet the needs of someone who has experienced sexual assault or misconduct. Institutional policies and practices are discussed as a way to affect meaningful change on this college campus.

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Criminology Commons